About Us

About Us

For ten years, we ran Venture Scanner, a research platform providing operating data on technology startups to enterprise business leaders. From that experience, it became clear to us that data on companies only tells a fraction of the story, while missing the most important part of the plot—the product.

The product is what truly differentiates one company from another. The product is the culmination of a company’s vision, culture, and execution. And thus was born Daybreak Insights, where our goal is to shine a light on what really matters, products.

We dive deep into categories, identifying and researching the companies, including hands-on trials of products to really understand what makes each company’s product suite unique and special versus its peers. We are thus able to help vendors accelerate their marketing and sales through an analyst assessment of their product strengths, while also helping corporations and consultants in their innovation scouting and vendor selection efforts.

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Nader Ghaffari & Dong Liu



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